Jacob Alewel

- - Java Development - -

I was first introduced to Java was during highschool back in 2010. We made simple console based applications. I took three Java based computer science classes in College while continually experimenting with my own projects. My interest in graphics drove me to the Light Weight Java Game Library (LWJGL). It is the same OpenGL wrapper that Minecraft uses. It has allowed me to create a number of interactive programs. This page showcases these projects.

- - Projects - -

Project Still

Orbit Battle

Watch two fleets of ships go head to head in a physically accurate space battle; none of that Hollywood fighter jet in space nonsense! The yellow ships are missile carriers and the blue ships create shields that all ships try to stay inside of. The fleet that destroys the most enemy ships wins! Everything is randomized including positioning, fire rate, missile count, shield strength, and so much more. Hold the spacebar to reset and randomize.

Project Still

Gravity Simulator

Watch the simulation of a Giant Molecular Cloud's inevitable collapse into a star system. Every particle is calculating the gravitational force between every other particle. Controls: 1-Key: toggle background stars. 2-Key: toggle orbit paths. 3-Key: toggle comet tails. 4-Key: toggle primary star. WASD: pan camera. Up/Down: zoom camera. Left/Right: increase/decrease dust creation size. Drag: create dust with direction and velocity related to drag direction and displacement. Spacebar: 5x speed. A much more advanced version of this simulation is available on iOS as a part of Dreamscapes.

Project Still

Falling Boxes

The program was written using only OpenGL's 2D draw calls. The offset 3D look is a result of a custom equation that takes a 2D-Coordinate and its distance from the camera as arguments. What you get is a very interesting perspective animation unlike anything else out there. This equation causes an interesting effect as the camera's heigth animates through zero. Hold up or down on the arrow keys to move the camera. Hit the spacebar to toggle between 3D and 2D boxes. Also available on iOS as part of Dreamscapes.

Project Still

The Rainy City

College moved me from dry Las Vegas to wet Seattle and the change brought with it a new perspective on rain. It was amazing to see how much the sun plays a role in your day-to-day mood. During my first winter here I needed a way to express that gray feeling. This was my outlet. This animation goes great with piano music and rain SFX such as Rainy Mood. Also available on iOS as part of Dreamscapes.

Project Still

Pixel Wave

Click to create pixelated waves of color. When the waves intersect each other their colors are combined! The waves present quite a spectacular light show! Also available on iOS as part of Dreamscapes.

Project Still

Shadow Dots

This is one of my earlier projects, I was still experimenting with LWJGL at the time. Your mouse is the light source of this scene and everything casts a shadow as your move the light around.

Project Still


Light and shadows is the key focus of this animation as well. Again, your mouse is the light. Moving it around causes the spiral's shadow to move. Also available on iOS as part of Dreamscapes.