Jacob Alewel

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Live Interview on Fox and Friends

Released 5/17/2012

My anit-bully video entitled "Help." was nationaly recognized as one of the final 15 for the No Bull Challenge. Fox asked me to come in at 4:30am Las Vegas time to do a live interview for Fox and Friends in New York City.

A Proper Homecoming Invitation

Released 9/11/2011

I needed a creative way to ask someone to the school dance. I think I nailed it!

We Love McGuan

Released 5/24/2012

Mrs. McGuan is the greatest Government Honors teacher ever! Our class wanted to let her now how much we enjoyed learning from her!

Epic VFX Time

Released 4/14/2011

Here at Channel Six News we show you all a ton of videos that are just screaming with Video Effects. Here's a walkthrough of some basic things!