Jacob Alewel

- - Short Films - -


Released 3/21/2012

Follow the story of RJ, a bullied student, on his path of ending the torment of a bully.

Dream Big

Released 10/7/2011

When I put my headphones on, the world just bleeds away.

The Secret of Thomas Ray

Released 12/12/2011

A US pilot gets shot down during an undercover operation. This is his story.

Acception (Inception Parody)

Released 5/12/2011

When a fellow classmate loses all hope in going to college, its up to a team of Extractors to incept the idea that education is important and that he must graduate! "A thrill ride like non-other!" - New York Times! "You're mind will be blown!" - USA Today! "Its like having lemon juice injected directly into your brain" - Anonymous!